AVISO (12/03/23):
Debido a la gran cantidad de juicios por jurados llevados a cabo en una decena de provincias de Argentina, la AAJJ dejará de publicar crónicas individuales por cada juicio y comenzará a publicar resúmenes mensuales

martes, 27 de octubre de 2015

Neuquén prepares the first jury trial with Mapuche jurors

Neuquén continues to make history; there it will be held the first trial by jury with a special integration of the Mapuche Nation. Six out of the twelve members of the petit jury are members of the Mapuche community of Argentina.

Three Mapuche chiefs (one of them a woman) are accused of attempted murder and aggravated harm. The facts of the case can be read at the newspaper story below. Because these defendants belong to an Indigenous People from Patagonia (the Mapuches), the Neuquen procedural code ordered that the case should be tried by a jury of twelve citizens, six of whom must be members of the Mapuche community and translated into the Mapuche language.