AVISO (12/03/23):
Debido a la gran cantidad de juicios por jurados llevados a cabo en una decena de provincias de Argentina, la AAJJ dejará de publicar crónicas individuales por cada juicio y comenzará a publicar resúmenes mensuales

lunes, 9 de octubre de 2023

The new board of the AAJJ assumes office, starting a new cycle


Silvina Manes, new president of the AAJJ and 
Felipe Granillo Fernández, VP

The celebration of the ten-year anniversary of the enactment of the jury trial law in the province of Buenos Aires marked the end of a brilliant cycle for the Argentine Association of Trial by Jury (AAJJ). Héctor Granillo Fernández's speech in the auditorium of the Bar Association in La Plata emphasized this.

These were wise words from someone who is much more than the outgoing president, being one of the undisputed architects of the jury system in Argentina.

Cycles, as they should, begin and end. Times change, and organizations do too, even when this is due to statutory regulations. 

The time has come for an essential renewal and to welcome new individuals and generations to push for jury trials to be established in the remaining twelve provinces and neighboring countries. That is the goal to achieve.

For this reason, Héctor Granillo Fernández and Andrés Harfuch, president and vice president of the AAJJ until today, hand over their positions to Silvina Manes and Felipe Granillo Fernández.

Héctor Granillo Fernández & Andrés Harfuch
(Former president and  VP)

In the two consecutive terms of the previous leadership (2011-2023), the AAJJ, together with many organizations and individuals, achieved the feat of having half the country implement trial by jury in criminal matters.

Up to now, jury laws are in place in Buenos Aires, Neuquén, Río Negro, Chubut, San Juan, Entre Ríos, Mendoza, Chaco, Catamarca, and CABA. Furthermore, Chaco passed a civil jury law, extending juries to civil cases (Chaco), and three provinces have cities with misdemeanor juries (Mendoza city, Rosario, and San Patricio del Chañar in Neuquén).

It is an impressive achievement from any perspective. But far beyond that, the tireless work of the AAJJ ensured that jury trials under the National Constitution will become a lasting symbol and standard for oral, public trials and the accusatorial system in Argentina.

None of the reforms were rolled back, and there have already been over 800 jury trials throughout the country.

The new leadership, to which we extend our best wishes and which has a strong federal presence, will be composed of Silvina Manes (president), Felipe Granillo Fernández (vice president), Andrea Ortiz (secretary), Denise Bakrokar (assistant secretary), Mauricio Odriozola (treasurer), Justina Granillo Fernández (assistant treasurer), Elvio Garzón (head of the oversight committee), Gustavo Franceschetti (alternate member of the oversight committee), Mariana Bilinski (member), Vanina Almeida (member), Agustín Acuña (member), Florencia Castro (member), Ximena Morales (alternate member), Analía Reyes (alternate member), Agustín Arias Deceglie (alternate member), and María Graciela Serial (alternate member).

Lilian Andrea Ortiz

Assistant Secretary

María Justina Granillo Fernández
Assistant Treasurer

Agustín Acuña

Florencia Castro
Ximena Morales
Alternate member
Alternate member
Agustín Arias Deceglie
Alternate member
María Graciela Serial
Alternate member
Elvio Garzón
Head of the oversight committee
Alternate member of the oversight committee