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miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2015

Neuquén: Jury research agreement

From left to right: J. Soledad Gennari, CJ. Evaldo Moya,
Valerie Hans (Cornell), J. Francisco Elosú Larumbe,
Andrés Harfuch (INECIP) and J. Fernando Zvilling
Neuquén province (Patagonia, Argentina) has signed an agreement to carry out the first empirical research on juries in Latin America. This unprecedented agreement has three counterparts: prof. Valerie Hans (Cornell University, New York), the Institute of Comparative Studies in Criminal and Social Sciences (INECIP) and the Neuquén Superior Court of Justice (TSJ).

The research will be conducted by Prof. Valerie Hans (Cornell University, New York) with an Advisory Board formed by none other than the world-wide renowned American Professors and Researchers Shari Diamond, John Gastil and Paula Hannaford-Agor.

Valerie Hans, John Gastil,
Paula Hannaford-Agor and
Shari Diamond
INECIP research team will be led by social scientists Sidonie Porterie and Aldana Romano.

The Justices from the Neuquén Supreme Court present at the meeting were CJ. Evaldo Moya, J. Francisco Elosú Larumbe and J. Soledad Gennari, with the advice of the Appeal Court judge Fernando Zvilling and the general coordination of Carla Pandolfi.

This research is about to begin approximately on Februray 2016 and will cover also the almost 30 trials by jury that has been performed since March 2014.

Needless to emphasize that this entrepreneurship is extraordinary, given the quality of its participants. We firmly believe that this agreement will help to improve trial by jury in Argentina, will encourage Argentine social scientists to do further jury research and will trigger the interest in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Chaco, Río Negro, Chubut, La Rioja; CABA and all the rest that are implementing the jury
A. Harfuch, C. Pandolfi and V. Hans

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V. Hans, F. Zvilling and C. Pandolfi

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