AVISO (12/03/23):
Debido a la gran cantidad de juicios por jurados llevados a cabo en una decena de provincias de Argentina, la AAJJ dejará de publicar crónicas individuales por cada juicio y comenzará a publicar resúmenes mensuales

lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2015

Trial by jury highlighted as the "event of the year" by Buenos Aires Judges

"In the city of Tandil, Buenos Aires province in Argentina, during the Annual Meeting of BA Criminal Judges, their president, J. Ricardo Favarotto, positively evaluated the performance of jury trials in the province of Buenos Aires", reported the local portal Eleco.com.ar.

Favarotto highlighted the implementation of this system as the most positive and important event of the year, stressing that "what we want is to return to the Constitution and the values that are set there and, in this regard, as we have noted in the past months, trial by jury has been a big step. We must acknowledge Minister of Justice Ricardo Casal for the succesfull implementation of trial by jury".

Judge Favarotto
He also stressed that Argentina still owes a constitutional debt, e.g. the enactment of the national law of trial by jury, and he made clear his preference for the classic jury. "We firmly believe that the jury imagined by the Framers in 1853 -the year of our Constitution- is a 12 person jury of citizens like the one in BA province. That means, there must be no technical influence of a professional judge whatsoever. The aim is full public participation in the decision making process".