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miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2017

JUSTICE MARIO KOHAN: “The experience with trial by jury is very positive”

Since its implementation in the province of Buenos Aires, trial by jury keeps on surprising people from inside and outside the judicial system, while it consolidates and grows stronger day by day.

CJ Mario Kohan, BA High Court of Appeals

After almost three years since the first trial and after more than 200 trials held, CJ Mario Kohan, who presides over the Buenos Aires High Court of Appeals, had nothing but praise for the performance of the citizen jurors and their verdicts. And this is very significant support, as it comes from a person who presides over one of the most important criminal courts of appeal in the country.

CJ Kohan gave a lengthy interview to the newspaper El Día, from the city of La Plata. In the interview, he addressed many topics and aspects of the Judicial Branch, until the reporter asked him about his opinion on trial by jury.

His answers left no doubts about the growing recognition and respect for trial by jury among lawyers and judges.

Here are the highlighted excerpts of the interview: 

“I had a preconceived idea about trial by jury, but it did surprise me”

“This law has come to fulfill a constitutional mandate arising from the 1853 Constitutional Convention, which requires the establishment of trial by jury”

“We have to give a part of that power delegated to the Government back to the people, as part of the original functions it had, such as the power of doing justice” 

“The experience is very positive. We were very surprised when this began” 

“The juries have truly shown a great commitment to their work because they are not professionals, they only apply common sense, which is what they are required to do”

Read the complete interview here:

-Diario El Día (4/12/17) “Con el juicio por jurados tenía un preconcepto, pero me sorprendió” (ver