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martes, 26 de octubre de 2021

MENDOZA, Argentina: 'Cat Man' on trial for double murder expelled from courtroom for meowing

Pereg "meowing" like a cat.

A man accused of killing his mother and aunt in Argentina, dubbed 'cat man' by international media, was thrown out of a courtroom in the city of Mendoza, after refusing the judge's order to stop meowing like a feline during the beginning of his trial. 

The case received worldwide media coverage, since it shocked the Jewish community around the globe (see).

Gil Pereg (40), a former elite soldier of Israel´s Army and living in Argentina since 2017, face charges for  having brutally murdered in December 2019 his mother Pyrhia Sauroussy (63) and his aunt, Lily Pereg (54), who had come to visit him to his home in Guaymallén, Mendoza, where their bodies were mutilated and buried.

Pereg alleges insanity in his defense and maintains that he is a cat. Since the very first moment that he was remanded in prison, he displayed an incredibly odd behaviour, urinating the courtroom and meowing instead of speaking. The prosecution says that this a complete lie and that the jury must render a guilty verdict as charged.   

In a video released by the Mendoza district attorney's office, Gil Pereg begins to imitate the meow of a cat in court while refusing to answer questions from prosecutors.

"Mr. Gil Pereg, before the entry of the jury I warned you that if you wanted to remain in the courtroom, you should do so in silence, with respect and decorum," judge Laura Guajardo says before ejecting him.